This is one of the big projects I got to work on while pursuing my internship at SAP Labs India, Pune office.

At start of my journey as developer I got work on jConnect JDBC-ODBC driver. And learned lot of things. Teammates helped me understand wide rage of software engineering terms in practice. Like nomenclature, reviews, porting changes to other stable branches, legacy code, test cases.

Need to develop production-ready applications. Writing and establishing a test suite for each and every potential test scenario. the requirement for keeping various stable versions. putting new features in place.

A database driver is a piece of software that allows an application to interface with a database. It serves as a bridge between the application and the database, allowing the application to query the database and obtain the results. Database drivers come in many varieties, including JDBC drivers for Java applications, ODBC drivers for Windows programmes, and many others.

The JConnect driver enables Java applications to communicate with SQL Anywhere databases. Connect is used to connect to the Sybase ASE Database server. JConnect converts JDBC calls to a DBMS-independent network protocol, which is then translated to a DBMS protocol by a server.


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