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Hello, It's been long time. Hope you all are good!


Started reading Daily Laws by Robert Greene. It covers new theme for each month and small stories in one or two pages.

Zero to One book by Peter Thiel is also great. Last year, I started it and left in middle, so now reading it from start and done with two chapters. Concept of innovation is explained in detail. Turning 1 to 1000 or 99999 is easy task but turning 0 to 1 is hard. For that you need some exceptional skills.

Recently gone through 'Basically, Technical Analysis' by Samarth Behl. It was small and nice book to clear your trading concepts. You can read it for free under Kindle Unlimited.


Trading & Investing class by Nikhil Desai is still going on... Many more to things to learn. Nikhil teach about investing with great passion and enthusiasm. English speaking class completed in a first week on May 2022. I am thinking to opt for next batch of it but could not find suitable time.


Started experimenting with the Carnivore and Keto diet. I thought that I will face heat problem in body after eating chicken, meat, and eggs. But it worked and I was feeling great. Only eating meat for couple of weeks was great experience. It reduces you hunger to eat anything and you can control what to eat.

TV Series

Recently watch Stranger Things 4 Part 1, much much better than multiverse madness. Felt like each episode is movie. More story in less episode.


Updated on June 3, 2022.