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Currently reading Price Action Trading by Sunil Gurjar. I already invested my 2 penny in stocks and crypto. To deepen my understanding about candles and price action trading. I will be going through list of books in my freetime. Sunil Gurjar's posts are helpful on twitter. Another book is by Steven Pressfield, War of Art. It's helping me overcome resistance


Currently studying the FastAPI and its implementations with web application. I already worked on Flask, Django frameworks. But my experience with FastAPI, ruined Flask for me. Flask also lacking updated documentation about required third party libraries. But FastAPI provides latest documentation and solutions. It support Async. Asynchronous coding is another thing on my mind to try after FastAPI.


Not trying much with diet. Thinking to start from next month (Feb 2023) is eat before 7 PM and don't eat anything after it until next morning 8 or 9 AM.
As I have seen many people mentions that it helps body, mind and stomach.

Also I tried to reduce sugar consumption at start of this year. But again started taking them. To reduce sugar consumption, will be going through YouTube video suggestions. As Eric Edmeades video about Sugar made clear that damage done by sugar.


Updated on Jan. 26, 2023.