My name is Vishvaraj Dhanawade and I work as a professional software developer in private IT company. Also work on the personal projects to learn new about software engineering. Like to write about life, stories, incidents. Writing it one of the force, made to start this porfolio, and blog. Only thing missing about writing is daily time block for it. I might work on writer's block on 2022 to improve it.

Other than coding, I love to read books, blogs, watch some movies. New TV series on online platform. Their is no such mentionable TV series but I am very very big fan of Star Wars franchies. Loves their sci-fi movies, cartoon series. Most of the time, I don't watch movies until and unless recommanded by someone and have very high rating or different story. I came to this recommendation method of watching movies, tv series after wasting hours, and hours watching useless shows. Some movies gives lessons and some just makes audience thrilled to make money. Without any moral.

I love to meditate. It keeps my body relaxed and mind focused, attentive. I do take afternoon nap about 20 mins from last 4 years approx. It help me feel refreshed again. Firstly started with Vipassana meditation by Mr. S. N. Goenka guruji in high-school. Later started practicing Osho Active Meditation by Osho, It is very intense and helps a lot to jump in meditation. But I was not able to keep with it due to traveling, working hours. From past year started practicing self hypnosis meditation by Anil (From Osho International). It makes us move in trans and be aware about it.

Last year started trading, investing, and learning about financial knowledge. That was only point, I regreated not starting sooner. It gives good compounding interest and we can get more control of our time and choices. Joined couple of classes about investing, stocks, money management. Due to good at earning but not good with managing and investing. Which is very much requied for financial freedom.

I will soon be writing about my journey until now. It will be linked here as more stories.